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Surgilinks Limited is committed to improve the quality of life and public health through provision of pharmaceutical products and innovation to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers by:-

Importation and distribution of safe, effective, high quality International Quality Pharmaceutical Products at an affordable price for use in health.

Enhancing mutually beneficial relationships with government, hospitals, Chemists and other stakeholders in the provision of Pharmaceutical Products.

Recruiting, maintaining and continually improving the competence of staff through training and provision of an enabling working environment that motivates, energizes and recognizes the contributions of individuals and teams.

Complying with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS) requirements and continuously improve the company’s services.

Communicate this policy and associated quality management system documentation to all employees and stakeholders, and review this policy periodically to provide frame work of setting and evaluating quality objectives.


SURGILINKS recognizes that HIV / AIDS endangers our success by threatening the wellbeing of our employees, and that of our clients and service providers. In an effort to deal with the issue proactively, we are committed to assisting our employees infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS. The details of this undertaking can be found in Surgilinks HIV/AIDS work place policy document.

Our stance on HIV/AIDS is as follows:

SURGILINKS will not carry out direct or indirect pre-employment screening for HIV/AIDS as a pre-requisite for employment.

SURGILINKS will endeavor to educate all employees about HIV/AIDS prevention, transmission and treatment.

HIV infection, in itself, does not constitute lack of fitness at work, so an employee cannot and will not be dismissed simply s/he is HIV positive.

All medical records will be kept confidential. It is up to the employees to release information concerning his or her status if he/she chooses to.

If an employee is unable to work because of an AIDS- related illness, reasonable alternative working arrangement will be made where possible.

SURGILINKS will do best to protect any member of staff against stigmization and discrimination in the workplace.

Any employee found doing this, will face disciplinary action.

HIV – positive staff members will enjoy health and social protection just like any other member of the staff living with a progressive or debilitating illness.

HIV/AIDS will be treated like any other medical condition when it comes to medical aid cover or granting of sick Disciplinary action will be taken against any member of staff who is found to have deliberately disclosed the HIV/AIDS status of an employee to a third party.

SURGILINKS encourages its members of staff and their registered dependants to find out their HIV status and make use of support services.

Credible and cost-effective vendors for such services will be communicated to staff, who will be able to use such services discreetly. Vendors may not and will not be asked to disclose names or information of employees using their services.